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Jian-Ming Jin Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

Reviews the fundamental concepts behind the theory and computation of electromagnetic fields The book is divided in two parts. The first part covers both fundamental theories (such as vector analysis, Maxwell’s equations, boundary condition, and transmission line theory) and advanced topics (such as wave transformation, addition theorems, and fields in layered media) in order to benefit students at all levels. The second part of the book covers the major computational methods for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields for engineering applications. These methods include the three fundamental approaches for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields: the finite difference method (the finite difference time-domain method in particular), the finite element method, and the integral equation-based moment method. The second part also examines fast algorithms for solving integral equations and hybrid techniques that combine different numerical methods to seek more efficient solutions of complicated electromagnetic problems. Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition: Provides the foundation necessary for graduate students to learn and understand more advanced topics Discusses electromagnetic analysis in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates Covers computational electromagnetics in both frequency and time domains Includes new and updated homework problems and examples Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate level electrical engineering students. This book can also be used as a reference for professional engineers interested in learning about analysis and computation skills.

10510.27 РУБ



Bendix Carstensen Comparing Clinical Measurement Methods. A Practical Guide

This book provides a practical guide to analysis of simple and complex method comparison data, using Stata, SAS and R. It takes the classical Limits of Agreement as a starting point, and presents it in a proper statistical framework. The model serves as a reference for reporting sources of variation and for providing conversion equations and plots between methods for practical use, including prediction uncertainty. Presents a modeling framework for analysis of data and reporting of results from comparing measurements from different clinical centers and/or different methods. Provides the practical tools for analyzing method comparison studies along with guidance on what to report and how to plan comparison studies and advice on appropriate software. Illustrated throughout with computer examples in R. Supported by a supplementary website hosting an R-package that performs the major part of the analyses needed in the area. Examples in SAS and Stata for the most common situations are also provided. Written by an acknowledged expert on the subject, with a long standing experience as a biostatistician in a clinical environment and a track record of delivering training on the subject. Biostatisticians, clinicians, medical researchers and practitioners involved in research and analysis of measurement methods and laboratory investigations will benefit from this book. Students of statistics, biostatistics, and the chemical sciences will also find this book useful.

7919.01 РУБ



Matthew Todd H. Separation of Enantiomers. Synthetic Methods

In one handy volume this handbook summarizes the most common synthetic methods for the separation of racemic mixtures, allowing an easy comparison of the different strategies described in the literature. Alongside classical methods, the authors also consider kinetic resolutions, dynamic kinetic resolutions, divergent reactions of a racemic mixture, and a number of «neglected» cases not covered elsewhere, such as the use of circularly polarized light, polymerizations, «ripening» processes, dynamic combinatorial chemistry, and several thermodynamic processes. The result is a thorough introduction to the field plus a long-needed, up-to-date overview of the chemical, biological, and physical methods and their applications. Newcomers to the field, students as well as experienced synthetic chemists will benefit from the highly didactic presentation: Every method is presented in detail, from relatively simple separation problems to advanced complex resolution methods.

13120.13 РУБ



Schmidt Peter C. Methods in Physical Chemistry

Thanks to the progress made in instruments and techniques, the methods in physical chemistry have developed rapidly over the past few decades, making them increasingly valuable for scientists of many disciplines. These two must-have volumes meet the needs of the scientific community for a thorough overview of all the important methods currently used. As such, this work bridges the gap between standard textbooks and review articles, covering a large number of methods, as well as the motivation behind their use. A uniform approach is adopted throughout both volumes, while the critical comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each method makes this a valuable reference for physical chemists and other scientists working with these techniques.

31828.33 РУБ



Lennart Edsberg Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations

Uses mathematical, numerical, and programming tools to solve differential equations for physical phenomena and engineering problems Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations, Second Edition features the essential principles and applications of problem solving across disciplines such as engineering, physics, and chemistry. The Second Edition integrates the science of solving differential equations with mathematical, numerical, and programming tools, specifically with methods involving ordinary differential equations; numerical methods for initial value problems (IVPs); numerical methods for boundary value problems (BVPs); partial differential equations (PDEs); numerical methods for parabolic, elliptic, and hyperbolic PDEs; mathematical modeling with differential equations; numerical solutions; and finite difference and finite element methods. The author features a unique “Five-M” approach: Modeling, Mathematics, Methods, MATLAB®, and Multiphysics, which facilitates a thorough understanding of how models are created and preprocessed mathematically with scaling, classification, and approximation and also demonstrates how a problem is solved numerically using the appropriate mathematical methods. With numerous real-world examples to aid in the visualization of the solutions, Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations, Second Edition includes: New sections on topics including variational formulation, the finite element method, examples of discretization, ansatz methods such as Galerkin’s method for BVPs, parabolic and elliptic PDEs, and finite volume methods Numerous practical examples with applications in mechanics, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, chemical engineering, heat conduction, electromagnetic field theory, and control theory, some of which are solved with computer programs MATLAB and COMSOL Multiphysics® Additional exercises that introduce new methods, projects, and problems to further illustrate possible applications A related website with select solutions to the exercises, as well as the MATLAB data sets for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and PDEs Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations, Second Edition is a useful textbook for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in scientific computing, differential equations, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, and numerical methods. The book is also an excellent self-study guide for mathematics, science, computer science, physics, and engineering students, as well as an excellent reference for practitioners and consultants who use differential equations and numerical methods in everyday situations.

7245.02 РУБ



Levent Sevgi Radio Wave Propagation and Parabolic Equation Modeling

An important contribution to the literature that introduces powerful new methods for modeling and simulating radio wave propagation A thorough understanding of electromagnetic wave propagation is fundamental to the development of sophisticated communication and detection technologies. The powerful numerical methods described in this book represent a major step forward in our ability to accurately model electromagnetic wave propagation in order to establish and maintain reliable communication links, to detect targets in radar systems, and to maintain robust mobile phone and broadcasting networks. The first new book on guided wave propagation modeling and simulation to appear in nearly two decades, Radio Wave Propagation and Parabolic Equation Modeling addresses the fundamentals of electromagnetic wave propagation generally, with a specific focus on radio wave propagation through various media. The authors explore an array of new applications, and detail various virtual electromagnetic tools for solving several frequent electromagnetic propagation problems. All of the methods described are presented within the context of real-world scenarios typifying the differing effects of various environments on radio-wave propagation. This valuable text: Addresses groundwave and surface wave propagation Explains radar applications in terms of parabolic equation modeling and simulation approaches Introduces several simple and sophisticated MATLAB scripts Teaches applications that work with a wide range of electromagnetic, acoustic and optical wave propagation modeling Presents the material in a quick-reference format ideal for busy researchers and engineers Radio Wave Propagation and Parabolic Equation Modeling is a critical resource forelectrical, electronics, communication, and computer engineers working on industrial and military applications that rely on the directed propagation of radio waves. It is also a useful reference for advanced engineering students and academic researchers.

4345.64 РУБ



Haikady Nagaraja N. Measuring Agreement. Models, Methods, and Applications

Presents statistical methodologies for analyzing common types of data from method comparison experiments and illustrates their applications through detailed case studies Measuring Agreement: Models, Methods, and Applications features statistical evaluation of agreement between two or more methods of measurement of a variable with a primary focus on continuous data. The authors view the analysis of method comparison data as a two-step procedure where an adequate model for the data is found, and then inferential techniques are applied for appropriate functions of parameters of the model. The presentation is accessible to a wide audience and provides the necessary technical details and references. In addition, the authors present chapter-length explorations of data from paired measurements designs, repeated measurements designs, and multiple methods; data with covariates; and heteroscedastic, longitudinal, and categorical data. The book also: • Strikes a balance between theory and applications • Presents parametric as well as nonparametric methodologies • Provides a concise introduction to Cohen’s kappa coefficient and other measures of agreement for binary and categorical data • Discusses sample size determination for trials on measuring agreement • Contains real-world case studies and exercises throughout • Provides a supplemental website containing the related datasets and R code Measuring Agreement: Models, Methods, and Applications is a resource for statisticians and biostatisticians engaged in data analysis, consultancy, and methodological research. It is a reference for clinical chemists, ecologists, and biomedical and other scientists who deal with development and validation of measurement methods. This book can also serve as a graduate-level text for students in statistics and biostatistics.

8335.73 РУБ



Almudena Suarez Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits

Presents simulation techniques that substantially increase designers control over the oscillationin autonomous circuits This book facilitates a sound understanding of the free-running oscillation mechanism, the start-up from the noise level, and the establishment of the steady-state oscillation. It deals with the operation principles and main characteristics of free-running and injection-locked oscillators, coupled oscillators, and parametric frequency dividers. Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits provides: An exploration of the main nonlinear-analysis methods, with emphasis on harmonic balance and envelope transient methods Techniques for the efficient simulation of the most common autonomous regimes A presentation and comparison of the main stability-analysis methods in the frequency domain A detailed examination of the instabilization mechanisms that delimit the operation bands of autonomous circuits Coverage of techniques used to eliminate common types of undesired behavior, such as spurious oscillations, hysteresis, and chaos A thorough presentation of the oscillator phase noise A comparison of the main methodologies of phase-noise analysis Techniques for autonomous circuit optimization, based on harmonic balance A consideration of different design objectives: presetting the oscillation frequency and output power, increasing efficiency, modifying the transient duration, and imposing operation bands Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits is a valuable resource for microwave designers, oscillator designers, and graduate students in RF microwave design.

14848.14 РУБ



Wieslaw Ostachowicz Guided Waves in Structures for SHM. The Time - domain Spectral Element Method

Understanding and analysing the complex phenomena related to elastic wave propagation has been the subject of intense research for many years and has enabled application in numerous fields of technology, including structural health monitoring (SHM). In the course of the rapid advancement of diagnostic methods utilising elastic wave propagation, it has become clear that existing methods of elastic wave modeling and analysis are not always very useful; developing numerical methods aimed at modeling and analysing these phenomena has become a necessity. Furthermore, any methods developed need to be verified experimentally, which has become achievable with the advancement of measurement methods utilising laser vibrometry. Guided Waves in Structures for SHM reports on the simulation, analysis and experimental investigation related propagation of elastic waves in isotropic or laminated structures. The full spectrum of theoretical and practical issues associated with propagation of elastic waves is presented and discussed in this one study. Key features: Covers both numerical and experimental aspects of modeling, analysis and measurement of elastic wave propagation in structural elements formed from isotropic or composite materials Comprehensively discusses the application of the Spectral Finite Element Method for modelling and analysing elastic wave propagation in diverse structural elements Presents results of experimental measurements employing advanced laser technologies, validating the quality and correctness of the developed numerical models Accompanying website (www.wiley.com/go/ostachowicz) contains demonstration versions of commercial software developed by the authors for modelling and analyzing elastic wave propagation using the Spectral Finite Element Method Guided Waves in Structures for SHM provides a state of the art resource for researchers and graduate students in structural health monitoring, signal processing and structural dynamics. This book should also provide a useful reference for practising engineers within structural health monitoring and non-destructive testing.

11960.65 РУБ



Jochen Voss An Introduction to Statistical Computing. A Simulation-based Approach

A comprehensive introduction to sampling-based methods in statistical computing The use of computers in mathematics and statistics has opened up a wide range of techniques for studying otherwise intractable problems. Sampling-based simulation techniques are now an invaluable tool for exploring statistical models. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to the exciting area of sampling-based methods. An Introduction to Statistical Computing introduces the classical topics of random number generation and Monte Carlo methods. It also includes some advanced methods such as the reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm and modern methods such as approximate Bayesian computation and multilevel Monte Carlo techniques An Introduction to Statistical Computing: Fully covers the traditional topics of statistical computing. Discusses both practical aspects and the theoretical background. Includes a chapter about continuous-time models. Illustrates all methods using examples and exercises. Provides answers to the exercises (using the statistical computing environment R); the corresponding source code is available online. Includes an introduction to programming in R. This book is mostly self-contained; the only prerequisites are basic knowledge of probability up to the law of large numbers. Careful presentation and examples make this book accessible to a wide range of students and suitable for self-study or as the basis of a taught course

6929.13 РУБ



Ian Copsey Harmonic Elliott Wave. The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure

An update to the Elliot Wave Principle that corrects a fundamental error The Elliot Wave Principle has been widely adopted as a tool for traders analyzing market cycles, but Ian Copsey has unearthed a fundamental error in the way it defines the structural development of price behavior. Harmonic Elliott Wave: The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure explains whats wrong with the Principle, outlining a modification that allows for more accurate trading predictions. Revealing the methodology that led to this discovery, the common ratios that link different parts of the wave structure, and providing a wealth of practical examples to explain his findings, Copsey shows how waves really develop, dispelling the misconceptions that have been practiced by Elliotticians for years. Supporting his methods by consistently ensuring that waves are related by common ratios, Copsey helps the reader apply the revised version of the Principle with greater understanding and accuracy. Reveals a fundamental error in the popular Elliot Wave Principle Outlines a tried and tested modification that fixes this mistake and allows for more accurate analysis Offers essential information on applying the new model to the markets With far-reaching implications for traders everywhere, Harmonic Elliott Wave is a must-read for anyone who puts their faith in the Elliot Wave Principle.

7005.28 РУБ



Alexander Akulov Manual of comparative linguistics

The book is about precise typological methods of comparative linguistics: Prefixation Ability Index and Verbal Grammar Correlation Index. These two methods allow us to detect very distant relationship of languages by direct comparison of their structures and without making reconstructions.

200 РУБ



Yoshihiro Baba Electromagnetic Computation Methods for Lightning Surge Protection Studies

Presents current research into electromagnetic computation theories with particular emphasis on Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method This book is the first to consolidate current research and to examine the theories of electromagnetic computation methods in relation to lightning surge protection. The authors introduce and compare existing electromagnetic computation methods such as the method of moments (MOM), the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC), the finite element method (FEM), the transmission-line modeling (TLM) method, and the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. The application of FDTD method to lightning protection studies is a topic that has matured through many practical applications in the past decade, and the authors explain the derivation of Maxwell’s equations required by the FDTD, and modeling of various electrical components needed in computing lightning electromagnetic fields and surges with the FDTD method. The book describes the application of FDTD method to current and emerging problems of lightning surge protection of continuously more complex installations, particularly in critical infrastructures of energy and information, such as overhead power lines, air-insulated sub-stations, wind turbine generator towers and telecommunication towers. Both authors are internationally recognized experts in the area of lightning study and this is the first book to present current research in lightning surge protection Examines in detail why lightning surges occur and what can be done to protect against them Includes theories of electromagnetic computation methods and many examples of their application Accompanied by a sample printed program based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method written in C++ program

11598.23 РУБ



Vitoriano Ruas Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations. An Introduction

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction Vitoriano Ruas, Sorbonne Universités, UPMC – Université Paris 6, France A comprehensive overview of techniques for the computational solution of PDEs Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction covers the three most popular methods for solving partial differential equations: the finite difference method, the finite element method and the finite volume method. The book combines clear descriptions of the three methods, their reliability, and practical implementation aspects. Justifications for why numerical methods for the main classes of PDEs work or not, or how well they work, are supplied and exemplified. Aimed primarily at students of Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry among others this book offers a substantial insight into the principles numerical methods in this class of problems are based upon. The book can also be used as a reference for research work on numerical methods for PDE’s. Key features: A balanced emphasis is given to both practical considerations and a rigorous mathematical treatment The reliability analyses for the three methods are carried out in a unified framework and in a structured and visible manner, for the basic types of PDEs Special attention is given to low order methods, as practitioners overwhelming default options for everyday use New techniques are employed to derive known results, thereby simplifying their proof Supplementary material is available from a companion website.

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Джемпер и плиссированная юбка миди — женский образ на mark ...

10 нояб. 2018 г. - Olga Ко. Поставила лайк. User. Татьяна. Поставила лайк. jull. Поставила лайк .... Синяя плиссированная юбка миди от Maison Margiela.

Women's Maison Olga Tops

Look to Maison Olga tops to give your wardrobe a touch of androgynous styling. Calling upon their French and Italian backgrounds, the designers behind the label are inspired by the laid-back, cool style of Europe. Offering a selection of shirts, blouses, T-shirts and tank tops, the range is detailed with abstract prints while semi-sheer fabrics and relaxed fits mean you can leave a little something to the imagination. Subscribe to the latest from Maison Olga. Clear all. Cancel.

Винтаж: Трикотажная юбка карандаш джерси от La Maison du ...

Винтаж: Трикотажная юбка карандаш джерси от La Maison du Jersey 80е - купить или заказать в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров - HO2S9RU.

Купить Юбки-миди в интернет-магазине - Posh Look

Большой каталог стильных и модных миди-юбок из всех интернет-магазинов в одном месте! Широкое разнообразие моделей для любого повода и ...

Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian аромат — аромат для мужчин и ...

Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian — это аромат для мужчин и женщин, он принадлежит к группе восточные древесные. ... [email protected] ... в деловом костюме с юбкой карандашом и легчайшей блузкой, вот именно со строгой, ...

Юбки для мужчин и разрезанные пальто для девушек: 18 луков ...

30 сент. 2018 г. - Юбки для мужчин и разрезанные пальто для девушек: 18 луков Maison Margiela ... Напомним, про показ актуальной коллекции Maison Margiela ... 8 теплых осенних пальто от российского бренда OLGA ZNOSKO.

Maison olga юбка длиной 3 4 - найти, сравнить и купить...

Юбка Maison Margiela. На модели также надето: Боди Maison Margiela. Юбка с запахом в стиле color blocking и принтом в виде маргариток - графичным и одновременно женственным. Рекомендуем носить с "невидимыми" телесными боди Maison Margielа из той же коллекции. Мы осуществляем доставку по Москве и всей России. Стоимость доставки по Москве составляет 350р.* ... Подпишитесь на рассылку и первыми получайте новости об акциях, новинках и скидках. ©2019.

Авангардная Ольга Карпуть | Русский журнал в Испании

... международные модные бренды, такие как Maison Margiela, Vetements и J.W. ... в ее образе — она выбирает брюки, юбки и джинсы с высокой талией.

Ремонт и переделка одежды | Ольга Свиргун | Идеи и ... - Постила

Как расширить или расставить юбку по бокам! by Nadia Umka ! 1 ... Maison Margiela 2017/2018 (трафик) Модная одежда и дизайн интерьера своими ...

Глава Disney в России Марина Жигалова-Озкан (водолазка и юбка ...

28 сент. 2018 г. - Архитектор Гарри Нуриев (худи Balenciaga, кроссовки Maison Margiela) ... сочетающую кеды Givenchy со строгими юбкой и водолазкой.

«Четкие» олимпийки и теннисные юбки: в моде ретроспорт - Мода ...

3 авг. 2017 г. - Рассказываем, как носить теннисные юбки, ретрокупальники и униформу диско роллера в повседневной жизни так, чтобы это ...

Юбка Olga Skazkina - купить в Москве по выгодной цене

✔ Явитрина - крупнейший каталог женской одежды ♼: четырехклинка юбка ▼ - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и характеристики товаров, отзывы ♼. ... Длинная расклешенная юбка на резинке, что добавляет удобства для женщин с формами. Элегантный "А-образный" силуэт особенно удачно гармонирует с изящным полуприталенным верхом - топами, блузами, водолазками из нашей коллекции, создавая самые разные модные варианты. Особе...

Москвичка - Проект «Московская Золушка». Ольга Карпенкова, 26 ...

30 июл. 2014 г. - У платья кружевной верх и шифоновая юбка. ... Island, Mango, Karen Millen, Maison Scotch, гостиничный комплекс «ПРЕЗИДЕНТ-ОТЕЛЬ».

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Купить длинную юбку в онлайн-каталоге FashionTime. Макси юбки всех размеров. Доставка по России.

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Покупай Maison Olga для Женщин онлайн на Yoox. Открой для себя мир Yoox. Доставка по всей России.

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Большой выбор женских юбок, более 14829 моделей. Покупайте выгодно, у нас проходят ежедневные акции на юбки. Приятных покупок!

MAISON OLGA @maisonolga Instagram Photos and Videos...

Похожие на Maison Olga бренды. ISABEL MARANT. vanessa bruno. Показать все магазины с Maison Olga в вашем окружении к магазинам. Реклама. О нас. раздел для наших клиентов. Партнёры. бизнес открыт. Международные размеры одежды.

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2 июл. 2018 г. - Безумно красивая замшевая юбка с трендовым кольцом на молнии сзади ... Шикарное пальто пиджак в стиле бойфренд maison Olga.

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Дизайнеры. Maison Lejaby Elixir. Conturelle. Chantal Thomass. Chantelle. Lise Charmel. Oryades. Maison Lejaby. Simone Perele. Antigel de Lise Charmel. Felina. Все дизайнеры. Категории. Боди.

Для неё - Платья и юбки - Street Pie

Платья и юбки (40 товаров). Бренд: 66°North A.P.C. ... La Paz Libertine-Libertine MM6 Maison Margiela .... Платье Olga Indigo. Новинка. -50%. You Must ...

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-60% Юбка-миди из хлопка с разрезом Vilshenko Moscow - Общий вид Юбка-миди ... -65% Юбка-мини из шелка с узором Vilshenko Moscow - Общий вид ...

Luxury Shopping Vlog // Люксовый шоппинг в ЦУМ // Тренды осени ...

Всем привет! Сегодня у нас новое shopping видео в ЦУМе, в котором будут представлены осенние образы из люксовых брендов.Мода — Википедияhttps://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/МодаСохраненная копияПохожиеМо́да (фр. mode, от лат. modus — мера, образ, способ, правило, предписание) ..... мини-юбка, туфли на «шпильках», автомобиль «Мерседес», мобильный ... Paris : quatre nouvelles maisons invitées sur les podiums haute couture ...

Красавица-королева Рания очаровала президента Австрии, надев ...

19 апр. 2018 г. - На официальной встрече королева Иордании появилась в белоснежной блузке Maison Makarem и юбке Sara Battaglia в розовую клетку ...

Юбки - MiloGold

Laroom. Maison Margiela. Marni. Michael Kors. No.21 ... Escada Sport юбка. 59 200 руб.29 600 руб. весна-лето ... One Teaspoon юбка. 18 950 руб.9 475 руб.

Французский язык 2-е изд., пер. и доп. Учебник и практикум для СПО

1. Aimez-vous faire les courses? 2. Comment préférezvous acheter l'équipement de la maison? ... померить эти брю21. 22. 23. ки, эта юбка мне не подходит, ...

Группа «Пикник»: как выглядят самые модные девушки в парках ...

21 июл. 2018 г. - Юбка-шорты – Zara; Топ – Bling Blings; Браслет – Free People; ... Рубашка – Maison Skotch; Юбка приехала из Индии; Босоножки – Zara; ...

Надо брать: Асимметричная юбка | Buro 24/7

13 июл. 2016 г. - Eye-catcher-юбка — один из лучших трендов сезона. Крой, приближенный к ... Юбка, воротник, туфли Marni, тельняшка Maison Kitsuné.

Морская геометрия - JetSetter

28 июл. 2011 г. - стрые углы, четкие линии и выверенные объемы редко выходят из моды. Нынешний сезон – не исключение. И пусть вас не смущают ...

Ольга - Vogue

... кожаная сумка с бахромой из металла и стразов, Maison Martin Margiela; кожаные ... Жакет и юбка из лакированной кожи, Gucci; бра из полиамида и ...

Неделя моды в Париже: Maison Margiela осень-зима 2016-2017 ...

2 мар. 2016 г. - Maison Margiela осень-зима 2016-2017 В Париже стартовала четвертая ... а также мягких двубортных пальто, блестящих пестрых юбок, ...

Ольга Захарова, директор парка Горького — The Village

4 июн. 2014 г. - Ну и конечно, любимые Acne и Maison Martin Margiela. ... и кроссовками или, наоборот, с юбкой-карандашом и лодочками на шпильке.

Трендсеттеры Москвы: Ольга Демидова / Posta-Magazine ...

15 мая 2014 г. - ... Equipment и Maison Kitsune). Но как только на улице становится тепло, люблю выбежать, надев шелковую юбку с майкой и лоферами ...

Как Ольга Сушко прокомментировала свое увольнение с поста ...

12 нояб. 2018 г. - maison-margiela-ss19-0 · Maison Margiela против СПИДа. Бренд выпустил коллекцию сумок в поддержку ... Вещь дня: Юбка Peter Do ...

Юбки | Новые коллекции SS'19 | SVMOSCOW.RU

Также в этом сезоне SS'19 многие дизайнеры представили юбки-миди, плиссированные юбки и ... Коричневая шерстяная юбка Maison Margiela - купить.


4 февр. 2018 г. - LOOKBOOK ПЛАТЬЯ И ЮБКИ ДИЗАЙНЕРЫ ВЕСЕЛОВЫ ОЛЬГА И ЕЛЕНА. Близняшки Ольга и Елена Веселовы с ранних лет проявляли ...

Maison Olga - Vestiaire Collective

Find every Maison Olga item all in one place. Browse a huge selection of pre-owned fashion items at the online reseller Vestiaire Collective. ... Give in to the latest article from MAISON OLGA. Their original and chic collection will definitely charm you. The online site Vestiaire Collective presents the MAISON OLGA brand, creator of unique and refined products. To be elegant, adopt right now a unique clothing item from the collection at a price.

Ольга Шелест представила 5 образов для празднования Нового года

... Ma Ya, Kuzyomin, Noele, A Ya, Maison Esv. Одни платья были выполнены ... Юбка + пуловер; Яркое платье + лодочки; Платье + перчатки; Блестящее ...

Женские юбки - купить брендовую юбку в интернет...

Как и в прошлом сезоне, актуальны шифоновая юбка плиссе, юбка-карандаш с обрамлением у талии – баской. Не теряет своей популярности и джинсовая мини-юбка – символ активности и молодости. Модные тенденции нового сезона таковы, что допускают открытые эксперименты с длинной и цветом. ... Юбка Modis. Цвет: хаки. Сезон: Осень-зима 2018/2019. С бесплатной доставкой и примеркой на Lamoda. Артикул модели... Юбка Tommy Hilfiger (Томми Хилфигер) WW0WW22538.

Про идеи ,хотелки....для себя любимой | ольга литвинова | Идеи и ...

Кардиган спицами "BlueSand" by La Maison Rililie ... Юбка крючком - Вязание - Страна Мам · ольга литвинова Про идеи ,хотелки....для себя ...

Юбка для бальных танцев SM Collection «Ольга» купить...

Юбка cappopera. 800 ₽. м. Библиотека им. Ленина. ... Юбка Braude черно-белая с молнией сзади. 3 000 ₽. м. Краснопресненская.

Maison Olga - Vestiaire Collective

Find every Maison Olga item all in one place. Browse a huge selection of pre-owned fashion items at the online reseller Vestiaire Collective.Не найдено: юбкаMaison Olga - Designers - Mercihttps://www.merci-merci.com/en/designers/maison-olga.htmlСохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуMore than a concept store or a designer furniture store, Merci is a unique meeting and discovering place , with ephemeral exhibitions and restaurants.Не найдено: юбкаПлатье olga skazkina olga skazkina mp002xw15jgs в интернет ...zapovednikfest.ru/i/платье-olga-skazkina-olga-skazkina-mp002xw15jgs/Сохраненная копияОписание:Брюки слим женские REIKO - модель OLGA. Эластичный пояс и низ ... MAISON OLGA Повседневные брюки ... MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4.

Неделя Высокой моды в Париже: день третий | Звездный стиль на ...

23 янв. 2014 г. - Гости показов Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, ... образ в пышной бальной юбке на показе Jean Paul Gaultier.

Купить платье Olga & Anna Kameneva в Москве с доставкой по ...

Желтое платье из ткани Chanel, сшитое на заказ. Olga & Anna Kameneva - российский бренд, который славится созданием уникальных вещей, ...

Юбки | Юбки макси и мини, джинсовые юбки... | ASOS

Найдите 2 товары для women от Maison Olga на Listupp. Воспользуйтесь Listupp и измените свое представление об интернет-шоппинге. ... Diesel Dolce & Gabbana Dondup Dsquared2 Emporio Armani Jeckerson Jucca Just Cavalli Liu •Jo Liu •Jo Jeans. Love Moschino M.Grifoni Denim Manila Grace Marc By Marc Jacobs Mauro Grifoni Mauro Grifoni Kids Moschino Cheapandchic Marni Michael Kors Michael Michael Kors.

Женские юбки с кружевом – купить юбку в интернет-магазине | Snik ...

Купить юбку женскую с бесплатной доставкой по Москве и всей России. ... Купить женскую юбку с кружевом ... Юбка длиной 3/4 Maison Olga с кружевом.

Женские юбки — купить на Яндекс.Маркете

Женские юбки — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. Популярные новинки и ... Юбка Olga Skazkina · 4 135 ₽ ..... Maison Margiela · Maison Scotch.

Шикарное дизайнерское пальто-пиджак бойфренд maison olga ...

Цена: 1600 грн. - Шикарное дизайнерское пальто-пиджак бойфренд maison olga Италия, #16741447, Цвета: Белый, Чёрный, Размер: 38 / 10 / M. Купить ...

DIXIE EI67BA812 Юбка длиной 3 4 DF0F08788EB Одежда Юбки ...

11 окт. 2018 г. - DIXIE EI67BA812 Юбка длиной 3 4 DF0F08788EB Одежда Юбки. ... Lgo LSP-0510 Набор кастрюль Vitesse Olga MAISON LAVINIATURRA ...

Юбки из шерсти мериноса - купить в интернет-магазине - Shopsy

Купить юбки из шерсти мериноса. ❤ 229 товаров в наличии с ... Maison Kitsuné Юбка миди карандаш из шерсти мериноса. вязаное изделие, без ...

Женские юбки - купить в интернет-магазине в Москве на Elemor.ru

Широкий ассортимент недорогих женских юбок в интернет-магазине по лучшим ценам.

Энциклопедия моды: Maison Martin Margiela - Я Покупаю

13 нояб. 2015 г. - 12 января 2015 года состоялся первый показ Гальяно для Maison Martin Margiela. ... Юбка, Maison Martin Margiela, цена по запросу.

УЗОР ДЛЯ ЮБКИ - Самые популярные видео - Nam Video

В этом видео ,я показываю,как составить несколько разных жаккардовых узоров в один файл. Я в одноклассниках ...VILSHENKO купить онлайн в интернет-магазине У Красного Моста ...https://aupontrouge.ru/ru/brand/VILSHENKOСохраненная копияПохожиеЮбки...Смотреть все · Средняя длина · Мини · Жакеты; Костюмы...Смотреть все · Жакеты. Нижнее белье...Смотреть все. Чулочные изделия...Смотреть ...

MAISON OLGA Платье длиной 3/4 / iBoard Доска...

MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4. кружево, одноцветное изделие, без аппликаций, эластичный пояс, без карманов, внутри на подкладке, модель солнце. MAISON LAVINIATURRA Платье длиной 3/4. бархат, без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, широкий воротник, рукава длиной ¾, без карманов, застежка сзади, молния, юбка-трапеция. MAISON MARGIELA Платье длиной 3/4.

Молодые и красивые. Мода двадцатых годов

... трикотаж, но талия заметно ниже, а плиссированная юбка заметно короче. ... В 1927 году компания Maison Goyard разработала для нее длинный ...

Maison Olga | Buy Maison Olga products online

MAISON OLGA (@maisonolga) Instagram, Luxury italian fashion brand specialized in knitwear [email protected] 1,005 posts 5,825 followers 2,645 following. ... MAISON [email protected] Luxury italian fashion brand specialized in knitwear [email protected] www.maisonolga.com/. 1,005 posts 5,825 followers 2,645 following. MAISON OLGA. John jacket and Blacke pant Twin Peaks Collection #maisonolga #americanstyle #madeinitaly #onlineshopping #winter #winterfashion. 0 95.

Журнал: cover story "Космическая Одиссея 2016" | Vogue Ukraine

1 мая 2016 г. - Стиль: OLGA YANUL. Шерстяной жакет, CHANEL; юбка из вискозы, MAISON MARGIELA; колье, металл, PAVON; кольцо, белое золото, ...

Женские юбки Joseph по цене от 23 900 руб. купить...

Joseph. Шерстяная юбка-миди фактурной вязки. 23 900 ₽. Joseph. Шерстяная юбка-миди со складками. 66 950 ₽ 53 550 ₽ Новогоднее предложение. Joseph. Шерстяная юбка в клетку с поясом. 41 650 ₽ 33 300 ₽ Новогоднее предложение. Женские юбки Joseph.

Женские юбки 2018 – каталог, где купить, цены и интернет ...

Популярные марки Юбки. ASOS · Armani ..... Юбка Mango - OLGA 53057638 .... Вязаная юбка-карандаш с принтом Maison Margiela S29MA0273/S16004.

#Limerance_Lookbook | LIMERANCE FC

15 нояб. 2016 г. - Пальто Maison Margiela, мужской костюм Kenzo, ... Пуловер Maison Margiela, юбка Lanvin, украшение Marni, ботинки Cesare Paciotti,

Maison Design

Смелые и оригинальные концепции студии Maison Design нашли воплощение во многих известных домах столицы. В основе нашей работы лежит непревзойденное сочетание внимания к деталям и индивидуальности каждого проекта в соответствии с предпочтениями заказчика.

Maison Margiela falda de pana cruzada | Юбка или брюки? в 2018 г ...

Maison Margiela falda de pana cruzada Falda Con Estilo, Vestidos De ... Юбка замшевая, длинная (оливковый) Платья Макси, Юбка, От Кутюр, Юбки.

Самые стильные гости Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day в Петербурге

19 мар. 2018 г. - На Глебе: кофта Vetements, бомбер Maison Margela, джинсы Zara, ... Юбка и сорочка Atelier 1/10, куртка петербургского бренда Vatnique. ... Шуба и платье Olga Chernoschekova, ботинки, привезенные из Японии.

Купить женские мини юбки в интернет магазине WildBerries.ru ...

Большой выбор женских мини юбок в интернет-магазине WildBerries.ru. Бесплатная ... Maison espin / Юбка. 1. Юбка Fuzer .... Olga Skazkina / Юбка. 1.

Ольга Осипенко дизайнерская одежда | интернет магазин

MAISON ESVE Юбка "Дождик" 31 500 руб 22 140 руб НОВЫЙ СЕЗОН ПРЕДЗАКАЗ. Быстрый просмотр. MAISON ESVE Юбка "Дождик" 31 500 руб НОВЫЙ СЕЗОН ПРЕДЗАКАЗ. Быстрый просмотр. ALENA AKHMADULLINA Юбка 130 675 руб 52 450 руб. Быстрый просмотр. ALENA AKHMADULLINA Юбка 40 200 руб 16 260 руб. Быстрый просмотр. ALENA AKHMADULLINA Юбка 40 200 руб 28 230 руб НОВЫЙ СЕЗОН. Быстрый просмотр.

Olga Pazderina | ВКонтакте

Войдите на сайт или зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы связаться с Olga Pazderina или найти других Ваших ... Юбка была сшита в прошлом году,но осталось совсем немного ткани. ... Daniela Bagamo- дизайнер и основатель Maison Alma.

Olga glöckner a comparison of methods for computation wave forcing. Юбки | Новые коллекции SS'19 | SVMOSCOW.RU

Также в этом сезоне SS'19 многие дизайнеры представили юбки-миди, плиссированные юбки и ... Коричневая шерстяная юбка Maison Margiela - купить.

Купить пышную юбку - модные модели пышных юбок...

Пышная юбка - модные луки, ссылки на товары от лучших брендов. ... Если ты разумный шоппер, тебе повезло — пышная юбка от LOST INK в наличии и ждет тебя. Оцени пышную юбку от P.A.R.O.S.H.. В качестве альтернативы обрати внимание на пышную юбку от Ermanno Scervino - это отличный выбор! Если ты любишь дизайнерские вещи, то, что ты ищешь это пышная юбка от Patrizia Pepe. Так же тебе может понравиться пышная юбка от Love Moschino. Да, дорого, но это того стоит!

MM6 Maison Margiela | Fluted velvet midi ski… | Юбка, Skirt Knee ...

02 мая 2018 г.- MM6 Maison Margiela | Fluted velvet midi skirt | NET-A-PORTER.COM.

Юбка Maison espin 913788 в интернет-магазине Wildberries.am

Юбка Maison espin 913788 в интернет-магазине Wildberries.am. Стильная короткая юбочка, дополненная втачными и накладными карманами - для ...

Женские юбки DIESEL — купить на Яндекс.Маркете

Женские юбки DIESEL — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. 26 моделей в проверенных интернет-магазинах: популярные новинки и лидеры продаж.

Секреты Maison Margiela, о которых знают только французы

4 сент. 2018 г. - А сочетать дозволительно либо с более повседневными джинсами клеш, либо с «парадно-выходной» велюровой юбкой. За образец ...

Юбка Леди М купить в интернет магазине - ЯВитрина

Большой каталог товаров: юбка леди м ▽ - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и ... Юбка Маленькая Леди .... Юбки Юбки Maison Scotch.

Юбки / Olga Grinyuk - ricarica-shop.ru

Юбка миди - длины нежно- голубого цвета. Состав: 50 % хлопок, 50 % полиэстер. Производство: Россия. Цена: 4750. руб. Размер: 44. Цвет: Голубой.

Maison Margiela 2017\/2018 (tráfico) la ropa A la moda y el diseño del ...

Maison Margiela 2017\/2018 (tráfico) la ropa A la moda y el diseño del interior por las manos ... Как не надо пришивать пояс к юбке · Olga Svirgun La costura.

Olga glöckner a comparison of methods for computation wave forcing. Maison Olga для Женщин - YOOX Россия

Покупай Maison Olga для Женщин онлайн на Yoox. Открой для себя мир Yoox. Доставка по всей России.

Maison Margiela бархатное платье с воротником-хомут - Яндекс

Женский весенний образ в голубой юбке. savskina.olga · Тёплый женский халат. Aleksandra03071987 · Юбка с кружевными вставками для девушки: ...

Клатч, юбка Maison Martin Margiela for H&M – bit.ua

19 нояб. 2012 г. - Журнал bit.ua - это авторские материалы наших редакторов и колумнистов про моду и красоту, еду и напитки, искусство и путешествия.

Ольга Карпуть, создательница «Кузнецкого Моста 20» — Wonderzine

16 окт. 2013 г. - Серебряный плащ Maison Martin Margiela, свитер Kitsuné, джинсы ... Выбираю брюки, юбки и джинсы с высокой талией — это очень ...

Отзывы о покупке Элегантные женские юбки-19! Осень-зима ...

Юбка стрейчевая, сшита аккуратно. ... спасибо за закупку, юбка пришла отличного качества, села по фигуре отлично,за такую .... Спасибо вам Maison).

" Maison Margiela бархатное платье с воротником-хомут ." — card ...

Card " Maison Margiela бархатное платье с воротником-хомут ." from the collection ... savskina.olga ... Юбка с кружевными вставками для девушки: образы.

Olga glöckner a comparison of methods for computation wave forcing. Maison Olga Юбка 'Qaniit' - Farfetch

Серебристая юбка 'Qaniit' из хлопкового микса от Maison Olga. Сделано в Италии. Артикул дизайнера: JUPEQANIIT. Артикул Farfetch: 12022335. Размер ...

Купить женские юбки в Минске. Летние женские юбки с фото в ...

Множество различных моделей женских юбок на все случаи жизни в удобном каталоге интернет-магазинов по выгодным ценам в Минске.

Купить Золотистые женские юбки в интернет-магазине Lookbuck

Купить Золотистые женские юбки с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 1333 моделей ... Юбка Olga Skazkina ... Юбка длиной 3/4 Maison Laviniaturra.

Isabel Marant Étoile Юбка Olga - Farfetch

Черная хлопковая юбка Olga от Isabel Marant Étoile. Передний карман с клапаном, диагональный разрез, потайная пуговичная застежка, петли для ремня, боковая застежка на завязку. Артикул дизайнера: JU059317P011E.

Где купить woman-ubki-3-4__prefix MAISON OLGA...

See more of MAISON OLGA on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of MAISON OLGA on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? ... MAISON OLGA. Clothing (brand). CommunitySee all.

Модные юбки лето 2016. Женский сайт www.InMoment.ru

Только юбка дает ощущение подлинной женственности, и, несмотря на ... Jacobs, Stella Jean, Ohne Titel, Oscar de la Renta, Maison Margiela, Max Mara.

Юбка Maison Scotch купить за 3 290 руб MA375EWGU432 в ...

Юбка Maison Scotch - цвет: мультиколор. БЕСПЛАТНАЯ доставка по России!

Юбка-карандаш: история возникновения - О моде - Истории о ...

10 дек. 2015 г. - Сегодня поговорим об истории возникновения бестселлера в мире моды, идеальной юбки, юбки-карандаша. Прототип самой ...

Юбки / Olga Grinyuk - ricarica-shop.ru

Юбка-миди глубокого василькового цвета поможет вам в создании романтичных образов). Состав: 50 % хлопок, 50 % полиэстер. Производство: Россия.

Гардероб: Ольга Карпуть, владелица магазина «Кузнецкий мост 20 ...

14 дек. 2011 г. - Ювелирная головоломка, 11-я линия Maison Martin Margiela. Переодеваю ... Эта юбка комплектуется со всем — день, вечер. Оставляет ...

Женские юбки - потрясающий выбор, доступные цены, различные ...

Элегантные, брендовые женские юбки в огромном ассортименте по разумным расценкам. По праздничным распродажам представляется возможность ...

Maison Olga Юбка 'Qaniit' - Farfetch

Серебристая юбка 'Qaniit' из хлопкового микса от Maison Olga. Сделано в Италии. Артикул дизайнера: JUPEQANIIT. Артикул Farfetch: 12022335. Размер ...

Афиша Город: Шерсть и кашемир – Архив - Афиша Daily - Afisha.ru

7 февр. 2014 г. - Слева: пальто Maison Martin Margiela, 35650 р., юбка Nozomi Ishiguro, 22500 р., ботинки Dr. Martens x Comme des Garçons, 13700 р., ...

Юбка миди - Modbrand

Юбка миди. дизайнерский бренд: Rare Moscow. Концепция бренда Rare была придумана и реализована дизайнером марки Алисой Петушковой после ...

Купить юбка Maison Margiela - MILOSTORE

короткая юбка, застежка сзади на молнии, легкий полупрозрачный материал, сзади разрез, на контрастной подкладке, двухцветное изделие. Состав: ...

MM6 Maison Margiela | идеи юбки в 2018 г. | Pinterest | Ropa, Marca ...

05 февр. 2018 г.- Автор пина:Olga Pric. Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest!

MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4

Maison olga - в наличии. Обзоры, тесты и отзывы покупателей, сравнение цен в интернет магазинах. Купоны, скидки до 70%. ... MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4. кружево, одноцветное изделие, без аппликаций, эластичный пояс, без карманов, внутри на подкладке, MAISON OLGA / Юбка длиной 3/4 / Юбка длиной 3/4 / похожие. Купить за 4340 RUR. MAISON OLGA Кардиган. букле, вязаное изделие, легкий трикотаж, разноцветный узор, глубокий вырез горловины, длинные.

Юбка до колена Maison Espin

Длинная юбка Maison Espin. ×. Закрыть. 1 900 руб. YOOX. Мини-юбка Maison Espin. 3 790 руб. в YOOX. Мини-юбка Maison Espin. ×. Закрыть. 3 790 руб. YOOX. Джинсовая юбка Maison Espin. 2 150 руб. в YOOX. ... Юбка-миди Maison Espin. ×. Закрыть. 5 500 руб. YOOX. Длинная юбка Maison Espin. 7 000 руб. в YOOX. Длинная юбка Maison Espin. ×. Закрыть. 7 000 руб. YOOX. Джинсовая юбка MAISON ESPIN. 6 000 руб. в YOOX. Джинсовая юбка MAISON ESPIN. ×. Закрыть. 6 000 руб. YOOX.

Grazia и Aurora Fashion Week Russia | Журнал GraziaMagazine

18 апр. 2013 г. - на Марии: жакет UTERQUE, юбка Артём Шумов, клатч ASOS, ... на Ксении: пальто StellaMcCartney, клатч Maison Martin Margiela, туфли ...

Свитшот с принтом граффити и юбка а-силуэта с мятым ...

10 нояб. 2018 г. - Модный женский образ с фото свитшот с принтом граффити BURBERRY и юбка а-силуэта с мятым эффектом MM6 MAISON MARGIELA ...

Maison Margiela | Floral-print cotton and li… | Юбка, Skirt Knee-length ...

Ecru, white and gray cotton and linen-blend, silver silk-blend lamé Button fastenings through front cotton, linen; lining: silk, polyester Dry clean Designer color: ...

Модные юбки весна-лето 2017 | Модные тренды 2015-2016

11 февр. 2017 г. - Юбки снова оказались в центре мировой моды. ... Erdem, Rachel Zoe, Maison Margiela, Manish Arora, Noir Kei Ninomiya, Monique Lhoillier, ...

Юбка Maison de la Robe 3 450 руб. skirt707 (1441094)...

Артикул: JUPEADRIEN12022407 Цвета: мультиколор Производитель: Maison Olga. Разноцветная юбка 'Adrien' от Maison Olga. 21 022 16 818 р.

Блуза классической модели и юбка из льняной коллекции. | A la ...

Блуза классической модели и юбка из льняной коллекции. ... Maison Scotch Whitley Embroidered Jacket - Jackets Блейзеры, Вышивка Бисером, Дизайн ...

Maison olga юбка длиной 3 4 - купить

MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4 9100 RUR Найти похожее. MAISON OLGA Юбка длиной 3/4 4340 RUR Найти похожее. MAISON MARGIELA Юбка длиной 3/4 28350 RUR Найти похожее. MAISON LAVINIATURRA Юбка длиной 3/4 4650 RUR Найти похожее. MAISON MARGIELA Юбка длиной 3/4 29450 RUR Найти похожее. MAISON LAVINIATURRA Юбка длиной 3/4 5400 RUR Найти похожее. MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Юбка длиной 3/4 9000 RUR Найти похожее.

Переделайте старую юбку в модный фасон carwash pleats! - Shophelp.ru

Переделайте старую юбку в модный фасон carwash pleats! ... Имя: Olga ... Шаг 1. Решите, с какого уровня будет начинаться плиссировка на юбке (лишняя .... Платье Maison Scotch, размер М. Приобрела в оффлайн ...

Юбки миди и блестящие легинсы для мужчин и огромные строгие ...

26 сент. 2018 г. - Сегодня утром в Париже в рамках Недели моды прошло последнее шоу Джона Гальяно для модного Дома Maison Margiela.

Купить дизайнерские юбки - стильная женская одежда...

Роскошная юбка брусничного цвета. Оригинальная модель имитирует мини-юбку с эффектом длинной накидки. Крой соблазнительно подчёркивает ноги и визуально делает их стройнее. ... Классический принт “гусиная лапка” и удобная длина ниже колена – стильная юбка для летних прогулок. Изделие изготовлено в синем цвете, по всей длине нанесены белые узоры. Крупные воланы эффектно смотрятся.

Henri Baudrand The Wave Concept in Electromagnetism and Circuits. Theory Applications

The Wave Concept Iterative Procedure (WCIP) method has found an increasing number of users within electromagnetic theory and applications to planar circuits, antennas and diffraction problems. This book introduces in detail this new formulation of integral methods, based on the use of a wave concept with two bounded operators, and applications in a variety of domains in electromagnetics. This approach presents a number of benefits over other integral methods, including overcoming the problem of singularity, and reduced computing time. Through the presentation of mathematical equations to characterize studied structures and explanation of the curves obtained, via validated examples, the authors provide a thorough background to electromagnetism as well as a professional reference to students and researchers.

8335.73 РУБ



Bonilla Luis L. Nonlinear Wave Methods for Charge Transport

The present book introduces and develops mathematical techniques for the treatment of nonlinear waves and singular perturbation methods at a level that is suitable for graduate students, researchers and faculty throughout the natural sciences and engineering. The practice of implementing these techniques and their value are largely realized by showing their application to problems of nonlinear wave phenomena in electronic transport in solid state materials, especially bulk semiconductors and semiconductor superlattices. The authors are recognized leaders in this field, with more than 30 combined years of contributions.

17056.33 РУБ



Margaria Tiziana Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems. A Survey of Applications

Today, formal methods are widely recognized as an essential step in the design process of industrial safety-critical systems. In its more general definition, the term formal methods encompasses all notations having a precise mathematical semantics, together with their associated analysis methods, that allow description and reasoning about the behavior of a system in a formal manner. Growing out of more than a decade of award-winning collaborative work within the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: A Survey of Applications presents a number of mainstream formal methods currently used for designing industrial critical systems, with a focus on model checking. The purpose of the book is threefold: to reduce the effort required to learn formal methods, which has been a major drawback for their industrial dissemination; to help designers to adopt the formal methods which are most appropriate for their systems; and to offer a panel of state-of-the-art techniques and tools for analyzing critical systems.

7153.76 РУБ



Petre Teodorescu Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering

A much-needed guide on how to use numerical methods to solve practical engineering problems Bridging the gap between mathematics and engineering, Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering arms readers with powerful tools for solving real-world problems in mechanics, physics, and civil and mechanical engineering. Unlike most books on numerical analysis, this outstanding work links theory and application, explains the mathematics in simple engineering terms, and clearly demonstrates how to use numerical methods to obtain solutions and interpret results. Each chapter is devoted to a unique analytical methodology, including a detailed theoretical presentation and emphasis on practical computation. Ample numerical examples and applications round out the discussion, illustrating how to work out specific problems of mechanics, physics, or engineering. Readers will learn the core purpose of each technique, develop hands-on problem-solving skills, and get a complete picture of the studied phenomenon. Coverage includes: How to deal with errors in numerical analysis Approaches for solving problems in linear and nonlinear systems Methods of interpolation and approximation of functions Formulas and calculations for numerical differentiation and integration Integration of ordinary and partial differential equations Optimization methods and solutions for programming problems Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering is a one-of-a-kind guide for engineers using mathematical models and methods, as well as for physicists and mathematicians interested in engineering problems.

9640.32 РУБ



Michael Chernick R. An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications R

A comprehensive introduction to bootstrap methods in the R programming environment Bootstrap methods provide a powerful approach to statistical data analysis, as they have more general applications than standard parametric methods. An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R explores the practicality of this approach and successfully utilizes R to illustrate applications for the bootstrap and other resampling methods. This book provides a modern introduction to bootstrap methods for readers who do not have an extensive background in advanced mathematics. Emphasis throughout is on the use of bootstrap methods as an exploratory tool, including its value in variable selection and other modeling environments. The authors begin with a description of bootstrap methods and its relationship to other resampling methods, along with an overview of the wide variety of applications of the approach. Subsequent chapters offer coverage of improved confidence set estimation, estimation of error rates in discriminant analysis, and applications to a wide variety of hypothesis testing and estimation problems, including pharmaceutical, genomics, and economics. To inform readers on the limitations of the method, the book also exhibits counterexamples to the consistency of bootstrap methods. An introduction to R programming provides the needed preparation to work with the numerous exercises and applications presented throughout the book. A related website houses the books R subroutines, and an extensive listing of references provides resources for further study. Discussing the topic at a remarkably practical and accessible level, An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R is an excellent book for introductory courses on bootstrap and resampling methods at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as an insightful reference for practitioners working with data in engineering, medicine, and the social sciences who would like to acquire a basic understanding of bootstrap methods.

8553.74 РУБ



P. Mouton R. Neurostereology. Unbiased Stereology of Neural Systems

Stereological methods provide researchers with unparalleled quantitative data from tissue samples and allow for well-evidenced research advances in a broad range of scientific fields. Presenting a concise introduction to the methodology and application of stereological research in neuroscience, Neurostereology provides a fuller understanding of the use of these methods in research and a means for replicating successful scientific approaches. Providing sound footing for future research, Neurostereology is a useful tool for basic and clinical researchers and advanced students looking to integrate these methods into their research.

10504.11 РУБ



P. Mouton R. Neurostereology. Unbiased Stereology of Neural Systems

Stereological methods provide researchers with unparalleled quantitative data from tissue samples and allow for well-evidenced research advances in a broad range of scientific fields. Presenting a concise introduction to the methodology and application of stereological research in neuroscience, Neurostereology provides a fuller understanding of the use of these methods in research and a means for replicating successful scientific approaches. Providing sound footing for future research, Neurostereology is a useful tool for basic and clinical researchers and advanced students looking to integrate these methods into their research.

9999.3 РУБ



Fereidoon Shahidi Measurement of Antioxidant Activity and Capacity. Recent Trends Applications

A comprehensive reference for assessing the antioxidant potential of foods and essential techniques for developing healthy food products Measurement of Antioxidant Activity and Capacity offers a much-needed resource for assessing the antioxidant potential of food and includes proven approaches for creating healthy food products. With contributions from world-class experts in the field, the text presents the general mechanisms underlying the various assessments, the types of molecules detected, and the key advantages and disadvantages of each method. Both thermodynamic (i.e. efficiency of scavenging reactive species) and kinetic (i.e. rates of hydrogen atom or electron transfer reactions) aspects of available methods are discussed in detail. A thorough description of all available methods provides a basis and rationale for developing standardized antioxidant capacity/activity methods for food and nutraceutical sciences and industries. This text also contains data on new antioxidant measurement techniques including nanotechnological methods in spectroscopy and electrochemistry, as well as on innovative assays combining several principles. Therefore, the comparison of conventional methods versus novel approaches is made possible. This important resource: Offers suggestions for assessing the antioxidant potential of foods and their components Includes strategies for the development of healthy functional food products Contains information for identifying antioxidant activity in the body Presents the pros and cons of the available antioxidant determination methods, and helps in the selection of the most appropriate method Written for researchers and professionals in the nutraceutical and functional food industries,academia and government laboratories, this text includes the most current knowledge in order to form a common language between research groups and to contribute to the solution of critical problems existing for all researchers working in this field.

13772.77 РУБ



Hugo Kubinyi Protein-Ligand Interactions

Innovative and forward-looking, this volume focuses on recent achievements in this rapidly progressing field and looks at future potential for development. The first part provides a basic understanding of the factors governing protein-ligand interactions, followed by a comparison of key experimental methods (calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, NMR) used in generating interaction data. The second half of the book is devoted to insilico methods of modeling and predicting molecular recognition and binding, ranging from first principles-based to approximate ones. Here, as elsewhere in the book, emphasis is placed on novel approaches and recent improvements to established methods. The final part looks at unresolved challenges, and the strategies to address them. With the content relevant for all drug classes and therapeutic fields, this is an inspiring and often-consulted guide to the complexity of protein-ligand interaction modeling and analysis for both novices and experts.

14207.4 РУБ



J. Butcher C. Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

A new edition of this classic work, comprehensively revised to present exciting new developments in this important subject The study of numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations is constantly developing and regenerating, and this third edition of a popular classic volume, written by one of the world’s leading experts in the field, presents an account of the subject which reflects both its historical and well-established place in computational science and its vital role as a cornerstone of modern applied mathematics. In addition to serving as a broad and comprehensive study of numerical methods for initial value problems, this book contains a special emphasis on Runge-Kutta methods by the mathematician who transformed the subject into its modern form dating from his classic 1963 and 1972 papers. A second feature is general linear methods which have now matured and grown from being a framework for a unified theory of a wide range of diverse numerical schemes to a source of new and practical algorithms in their own right. As the founder of general linear method research, John Butcher has been a leading contributor to its development; his special role is reflected in the text. The book is written in the lucid style characteristic of the author, and combines enlightening explanations with rigorous and precise analysis. In addition to these anticipated features, the book breaks new ground by including the latest results on the highly efficient G-symplectic methods which compete strongly with the well-known symplectic Runge-Kutta methods for long-term integration of conservative mechanical systems. This third edition of Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations will serve as a key text for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in numerical analysis, and is an essential resource for research workers in applied mathematics, physics and engineering.

7427.27 РУБ



ECCS – European Convention for Constructional Steelwork Fatigue Design of Steel and Composite Structures. Eurocode 3: Structures, Part 1 9 Fatigue; 4: Concrete Structures

This volume addresses the specific subject of fatigue, a subject not familiar to many engineers, but still relevant for proper and good design of numerous steel structures. It explains all issues related to the subject: Basis of fatigue design, reliability and various verification formats, determination of stresses and stress ranges, fatigue strength, application range and limitations. It contains detailed examples of applications of the concepts, computation methods and verifications.

5076.29 РУБ



Hitoshi Iba Evolutionary Computation in Gene Regulatory Network Research

Introducing a handbook for gene regulatory network research using evolutionary computation, with applications for computer scientists, computational and system biologists This book is a step-by-step guideline for research in gene regulatory networks (GRN) using evolutionary computation (EC). The book is organized into four parts that deliver materials in a way equally attractive for a reader with training in computation or biology. Each of these sections, authored by well-known researchers and experienced practitioners, provides the relevant materials for the interested readers. The first part of this book contains an introductory background to the field. The second part presents the EC approaches for analysis and reconstruction of GRN from gene expression data. The third part of this book covers the contemporary advancements in the automatic construction of gene regulatory and reaction networks and gives direction and guidelines for future research. Finally, the last part of this book focuses on applications of GRNs with EC in other fields, such as design, engineering and robotics. • Provides a reference for current and future research in gene regulatory networks (GRN) using evolutionary computation (EC) • Covers sub-domains of GRN research using EC, such as expression profile analysis, reverse engineering, GRN evolution, applications • Contains useful contents for courses in gene regulatory networks, systems biology, computational biology, and synthetic biology • Delivers state-of-the-art research in genetic algorithms, genetic programming, and swarm intelligence Evolutionary Computation in Gene Regulatory Network Research is a reference for researchers and professionals in computer science, systems biology, and bioinformatics, as well as upper undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Hitoshi Iba is a Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, at the University of Tokyo, Toyko, Japan. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation and the journal of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines. Nasimul Noman is a lecturer in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. From 2002 to 2012 he was a faculty member at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Noman is an Editor of the BioMed Research International journal. His research interests include computational biology, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics.

10147.85 РУБ



Jizhong Zhu Optimization of Power System Operation

Optimization of Power System Operation, 2nd Edition, offers a practical, hands-on guide to theoretical developments and to the application of advanced optimization methods to realistic electric power engineering problems. The book includes: New chapter on Application of Renewable Energy, and a new chapter on Operation of Smart Grid New topics include wheeling model, multi-area wheeling, and the total transfer capability computation in multiple areas Continues to provide engineers and academics with a complete picture of the optimization of techniques used in modern power system operation

10147.85 РУБ



Franco Taroni Data Analysis in Forensic Science. A Bayesian Decision Perspective

This is the first text to examine the use of statistical methods in forensic science and bayesian statistics in combination. The book is split into two parts: Part One concentrates on the philosophies of statistical inference. Chapter One examines the differences between the frequentist, the likelihood and the Bayesian perspectives, before Chapter Two explores the Bayesian decision-theoretic perspective further, and looks at the benefits it carries. Part Two then introduces the reader to the practical aspects involved: the application, interpretation, summary and presentation of data analyses are all examined from a Bayesian decision-theoretic perspective. A wide range of statistical methods, essential in the analysis of forensic scientific data is explored. These include the comparison of allele proportions in populations, the comparison of means, the choice of sampling size, and the discrimination of items of evidence of unknown origin into predefined populations. Throughout this practical appraisal there are a wide variety of examples taken from the routine work of forensic scientists. These applications are demonstrated in the ever-more popular R language. The reader is taken through these applied examples in a step-by-step approach, discussing the methods at each stage.

7969.18 РУБ



Elisa Lee T. Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis

Praise for the Third Edition “. . . an easy-to read introduction to survival analysis which covers the major concepts and techniques of the subject.” —Statistics in Medical Research Updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments, Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, Fourth Edition continues to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the most commonly-used methods for analyzing survival data. Authored by a uniquely well-qualified author team, the Fourth Edition is a critically acclaimed guide to statistical methods with applications in clinical trials, epidemiology, areas of business, and the social sciences. The book features many real-world examples to illustrate applications within these various fields, although special consideration is given to the study of survival data in biomedical sciences. Emphasizing the latest research and providing the most up-to-date information regarding software applications in the field, Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, Fourth Edition also includes: Marginal and random effect models for analyzing correlated censored or uncensored data Multiple types of two-sample and K-sample comparison analysis Updated treatment of parametric methods for regression model fitting with a new focus on accelerated failure time models Expanded coverage of the Cox proportional hazards model Exercises at the end of each chapter to deepen knowledge of the presented material Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis is an ideal text for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses on survival data analysis. The book is also an excellent resource for biomedical investigators, statisticians, and epidemiologists, as well as researchers in every field in which the analysis of survival data plays a role.

9713.22 РУБ




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